At least one author must register for every accepted paper before April 30, 2021 (strict deadline). One registered author can present only one paper. The OLA conference is managed by the METAH society (Society for Nature-Inspired Computing and Metaheuristic).

Click here for Pre-Registration (Mandatory)

- Proceedings, program, USB Key, bag

-  6 Coffee breaks, 1 banquet

- Additional banquet = 60€

Author registration & Early registration before April 30, 2021. At least one author of accepted LONG paper must register with regular or student fees.

Before  30 April 2021
After 30 April 2021
470 €
390 € 
570 €   670€ 
Online registration   
Non applicable for long
accepted papers
      250€                             350 €           

For each accepted paper at least one registration as presenting author is required. 
You cannot register for more than one paper.

- Registration by bank transfer

To: Association METAH (Society for Nature-Inspired Computing and Metaheuristic)

Address: Laboratoire LERIMA, Ecole Mohammadia d’Ingénieurs, Avenue Ibn Sina, B.P. 765, Rabat-Agdal. Morocco

Bank : BMCI (Groupe BNP PARIBAS). Address: Agence Rabat El Menzeh, Rabat, Morocco.


Account number: 013 810 01177 20202000106 94

Bank code: 013
City/Branch code: 810 01177
Account number: 20202000106
RIB key: 94

Morocco does not have IBAN data.(IBAN is in Europe only). Morocco operate by BIC/SWIFT codes and account number which contains the bank code, the city/branch code, the account number and the RIB key.

Please note that the payer is responsible for any fee or charge for the bank transfer.

- Registration by Paypal

Send an email to with your paypal information (e-mail). Then, we will send a paypal payment request.

- Onsite payment is possible only by cash


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